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Treatment Modalities

Herbal Medicine

Herbs were commonly used before western pharmaceuticals were introduced. Treating and preventing medical conditions with herbs is naturally safe, as an overdose would cause irritation or nausea instead of landing in the emergency room. 

Nutritional Counseling

” Let food be thy medicine”- Hippocrates. We customize individualized nutritional plans for each of our patients. What we put into our bodies directly correlates with the outcome of our health and wellness. Therefore, we ensure that each patient leaves our office with the nutritional tools to aid their health journeys.


Homeopathy treatments is to locate the root of your health issues and reverse them naturally. Homeopathy can treat many chronic and acute diseases, rather than managing or suppressing them. Our doctors are able to provide a deeper healing of mental, emotional, and physical complaints. 


Meet Dr Ijeh

Dr. Ijeh was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to Nigerian parents. In her free time she enjoys cooking, spending quality time with her family, traveling, reading and researching innovative trends in integrative medicine.

After obtaining her Bachelors degree in Biology from St. Johns University in 2009, Dr. Ijeh went on to pursue a career in medicine.

She spent 3 years volunteering with:


  • The American Red Cross Association’s Go Red for women campaign
  • Mentoring in Medicine as a walking/fitness group leader for a group of middle-aged women in Harlem, New York
  • Mount Sinai’s emergency room department
  • Tutoring/Mentoring middle school students in Brooklyn Charter Schools


In 2012, her career as a Naturopathic Doctor began. During her academic career she preceptored with several prestigious doctors and institutions, such as:


  • Cancer Treatments Centers of America
  • Dr. Fratellone, a leading Integrative Cardiologist in New York
  • Dr. Artemis Morris, ND
  • Dr. Minna Kim, ND


After graduating from University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2016, she trained at the Institute of Multidimensional Medicine.

Dr. Ijeh is a board certified, licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Washington, DC. Her areas of focus include, women’s reproductive health, gastrointestinal disorders and autoimmune diseases.

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